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Love sex and secudation about Aquarius

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Love of Aquarius ( January 20 - February 18)

The "Age of Aquarius" and the futuristic explorations it brings to mind are very much in synch with those of people born under this sign. The Water Bearer is a visionary, a caring and giving lover who sees the beauty in friendship and the mutual attainment of shared ideals. These independent souls are a fount of ideas, forever dazzling friends and other groups with their quicksilver mind and humanitarian spirit. Mental fireworks are the sexiest kind for the oft-overflowing Water Bearer, and they are captivated by a

lover who shares their quest for a better world. An intuitive partner who is willing to look outside the box in the hopes of becoming a more complete being will win an Aquarian's heart straightaway. The Water Bearer is a flirtatious charmer who is at home with many but also appreciates the pleasures created by two.


Sociable Aquarius rules the House of Friends, which means that many a courtship will begin in a group setting. Once the Water Bearer zeroes in on a target, though, an offbeat and zany romance is likely to ensue. Mental gymnastics are only half the fun, since the Aquarian mind also has a great facility for creative and imaginative play. A visit to a children's museum with the idea of improving already good exhibits is entirely plausible and something which the Water Bearer can make very seductive. Safe to say that a partner who appreciates Aquarian quirks is the best bet. Since the Water Bearer will keep some secrets just that, a lover who can gently draw them out will create a romance dance that goes on and on and on.


The Water Bearer has many relationships -- the real prize, though, is in finding that perfect one. Aquarians love to give pleasure, in keeping with their altruistic and philanthropic spirit. They also tend to seek agreement in their friendly and harmonious way, a real boon in the give and take of partnership. A progressive nonconformist is a blessing to the Water Bearer, and if they can give them the space they crave, even better. The key to real passion for Aquarians, however, is in connecting with that lover who can make vulnerability safe for them. Aquarians are so often busy caring for the masses that they forget about themselves! A lover who can help the Water Bearer get in touch with their innermost feelings and teach them to put the analyzing aside will tap into a torrent of emotion waiting to be released. The ideal Aquarius soulmate is an Einstein with lots of soul.


The analytical Aquarian approaches the game of love slowly, methodically and deliberately. "Playing" the game of love is fun in and of itself and should not be rushed. While falling in love, the Water Bearer can fill myriad roles for a lover, thanks to their keen mental energy and boundless commitment to a good cause. Conversely, a lover who won't play along will meet an immovable object in righteous Aquarius. The greatest challenge in love for the Water Bearer is intimacy, the emotional and empathetic aspect of love. Without it, love is incomplete, so those born under this sign must find that space where they can feel and trust. If that is achieved, love with Aquarius can soar to the stratosphere.

Sex of Aquarius

As befits an Air sign, Aquarians tend to approach sex via the mind. If they can share and discuss their thoughts with their lover, matters in bed will be greatly enhanced. Their natural curiosity will also lead them to experiment with creative play between the sheets, so watch out! Pushing the envelope is a natural response for these folks, and they'll continually test the waters for ever greater pleasures. A delicious mystery lurks beneath the surface

of these oft-controlled souls, and the lover who can call their bluff is in for a wild ride. The issue of mind vs. body and which is more important is also with the Water Bearer, so a lover who can convince them of the pleasure principle will set this sexual being free.

What Aquarius Needs

Aquarians often believe that their way is the best way, so it's no surprise that they'd be interested in a lover who mirrors many of their own good qualities. Social interactions and the ability to dazzle the masses for a good cause are near and dear to the Water Bearer's heart, and a helpmate in these areas is their just reward. An open-minded and flexible person, one willing to explore boundless horizons, will also help them reach new heights. A lover who exhibits warmth and understanding can fill a key void in Aquarius' life, and if they also embrace the beauty of sharing, the relationship could go very far. The Aquarius lover is unconventional yet innovative, a charmer who can wow a crowd and draws great strength from the partner at their side. Their cup runneth over when they are in the company of a passionate and committed soul. The mental fireworks which will surely ensue are a sight to behold!

How to influence him:

When you see him staring into space, his mind is probably fifty years in the future, gently remind him to return to planet earth. He has no one best friend, because everyone from every level of society is his friend. Be open minded and gracious when you meet them. He is a highly mystical and spiritual person and needs freedom for analytical exploration. You'll be hearing theories and ideas that are radical and border on the impossible, just smile and be a good audience. Yes, you can ask questions. He keeps his private thoughts and emotions hidden so they won't interfere with his detached exterior. He may even love you but not express it. You need to be a bit forward in this regard. He shrinks from binding emotional ties, so hide the emotions and act like a friend with out demands of exclusivity. When he feels that you can exist like a parallel to him without wanting to own him, he'll feel safe to commit to you. He is an optimist of the highest order, so if you are feeling down, he won't rest until he pulls you up again. He analyzes everything, so don't volunteer information about yourself, let him get it bit by bit. Keep the mystery about you for as long as you can.

A few don'ts:

Don't be a clinging, sticky emotional burden, he can't deal with it, he wants you to hold your own ground. Don't try to get into his private thoughts, he'll share them when he wants to. He places a great value in trust which means freedom for you, don't abuse it, or you'll face scrutiny ever after. Don't mock or ridicule his futuristic ideas, or you'll show him that you are un-evolved. He goes best with: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius He clashes with: Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo Neutral: Leo, Libra, Pisces


To Seduce a an Aquarius Man The type of woman who attracts an Aquarius man is intelligent, independent, free spirited, and a good conversationalist. Should she keep him guessing, or be a bit unconventional, she'll fascinate him, but if she's too emotional, he'll pass. Especially while young, Aquarius men may be drawn to women who are not really available for a lasting relationship, whether because of distance, or an inability to make commitments, or a prior commitment to someone else. This is usually because they may not yet be ready to make lasting commitments, and value

their freedom more than any emotional bonds or truly intimate relationships. When Aquarius men are ready to commit, they will. In the meantime they may be attracted to a wide variety of peculiar partners. It definitely benefits a woman to be idiosyncratic here!

To Seduce a an Aquarius Woman

The type of man who attracts the Aquarius woman is intellectually interesting, logical, open-minded, and willing to experiment. A man with ideas and insights fascinates them to no end. Aquarius women are even more attracted if he seems unconventional or unpredictable or just unusual in some way. Idealists, individualists, and rebels intrigue them, especially those who would shock your parents or friends. They can be aroused more by curiosity than by sexual signals alone, so an interesting man who is a little aloof (or even eccentric) intrigues and attracts them into the bedroom. Originality gets the Aquarius woman's attention, and unpredictability keeps her interested. Boring people lose her interest very quickly, so stay interesting and she'll never let you go.

Nepal president sets Saturday deadline to form new govt

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It was a feeling of déjàvu for Nepal on Tuesday when the President Dr Ram Baran Yadav asked thesquabbling parties to stitch together a

consensus government by Saturday. Lessthan one year ago, he had given the same call when the historic constituentassembly elections were over and the Maoists emerged as the biggest party yetfell short of majority and could not prop up a government on their own. ( Watch )

Atthat time too the 25 parliamentary parties had failed to come up with aconsensus government, forcing the President to order the next alternative:holding an election in the 601-member interim parliament and electing a newprime minister on the basis of simple majority.

Now the plot remainsthe same, only the characters have become interchanged. The Maoists are now inthe opposition and have outright rejected the presidential directive, insteadvowing to keep up a street and house battle to unseat him as well as army chiefGen Rookmangud Katawal, the bone of contention who led to the unravelling of theMaoist government on Monday.

The interim parliament, paralysed in thepast by the opposition Nepali Congress (NC) party, on Tuesday saw theout-of-power Maoists take their place. The house had no hope of conducting itsbusiness as the largest party in the house stormed the rostrum, raising slogansagainst the President and condemning his "unconstitutional move" of reinstatingthe army chief, Gen Rookmangud Katawal, whom the Maoist government had sacked onSunday.

"We demand the revoking of the unconstitutional step and willnot allow the house to sit till it is done," the chief of the Maoists'parliamentary party, Narayan Kaji Shrestha Prakash, said.

The Maoistsalso boycotted the all-party meet called by its former allies, the CommunistParty of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (UML), that is now trying to form a newgovernment with the support of NC.

In a surprise twist, even theMadhesi Janadhikar Forum, the fourth largest party and a critical ally for theformation of a new government, also stayed away from the UML-called meeting,raising serious doubts about the Saturday deadline.

If the deadlinefails, the president will have to call an election in parliament to choose a newprime minister. Last August, Maoist supremo Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda had wonresoundingly trouncing NC candidate Sher Bahadur Deuba. This time, it would beimpossible to hold the election if the Maoists continue their war on thehouse.

Throughout the tension-filled day, Maoists kept up protests inthe capital as well as outside districts. They received a shot in the arm fromleading human rights activists who tried to hold a protest rally in front of thepresidential office and were detained by police for some time.

In yetanother dramatic move, Inhured International, a human rights organisation,joined the protests against the president, taking him to court. On Monday, theNGO had filed a writ in the Supreme Court, asking for a stay on thereinstatement of Katawal. Judge Balram KC on Tuesday began hearing thepetitioners watched by the entire nation.

If the court pronounces aquick verdict that would probably be the best way out of the growing crisis. Averdict in favour of the president would force the Maoists to tone down theirprotests as otherwise they would be seen as a party with no respect for thejudiciary. If the court says Yadav acted unconstitutionally, it could lead tothe exit of republic Nepal’s first president.



Michael Jackson Isn?t Dead And We Know Why

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Despite the whole event of Michael Jackson?s death being covered by every news agency and blog around the world, some people don?t think he died.


Appently, it?s just one giant lie that has been cooked up to relieve the stress from his weak shoulders. Yes, we think it?s rubbish too, but we?re not ultrasensitive, arse-kissing, fanboy conspiracy nutjobs.So, the big question has to be, is

So, the big question has to be, is Michael Jackson dead? Or is he in a magical and mystical place full of fairies, gnomes and hobbits? It seems unlikely - he was hardly the master of disguise, was he? Just because you sometimes get pushed around in a wheelchair, it doesn?t automatically make you an evil genius.

Still, it hasn?t stopped bored internet users shitting out wild and wacky theories as to why Michael Jackson?s sudden death is nothing more than an elaborate, if somewhat untimely, April Fool?s joke. If his Twitter feed has been hijacked to say he?d kicked the bucket, we would have laughed off the idea. But having what with all the paramedics and 911 calls, it seems pretty serious. Unless someone made a prank call! The fiend!

Using our in-depth knowledge of Michael Jackson, we want to toss our own theories into the ring as to fully explain why the king of pop isn?t dead:

1) He?s a shape shifter. Think about it, one day he went from a badass black dude with slick dance moves to a wimpy white man. Jackson obviously has the ability to change his appearance and he became bored of being a frail middle-aged man. For all we know he could be a tree, park bench or even an ice-cream cone. You could have just licked his face. Ugh, you just licked Michael Jackson?s face.

2) Michael Jackson is off to find Bubbles. You may have noticed that, before he died, there was an American version of I?m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Monkeys, apes and chimps all belong in the jungle and that?s where Bubbles would have been sent to after he apparently started dry-humping people?s legs and pissing on carpets. Michael may have wanted to be reunited with his hairy ex-pal after being inspired by the jungle show.

3) He?s off to find the celebrity death island. When famous people die, they don?t go to heaven. Instead, they all wind up on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean ? this is what Lost is based on. After realising that Princess Diana, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls and Hitler would be there, perhaps he wanted to join the party early? Who wouldn?t when the dress code consists of nothing but brightly-coloured hula skirts?

4) He pocketed the money from the gigs in London he?ll never complete and plans to fly to the moon. This is Michael Jackson we?re talking about people; he was world famous for his moonwalk. Blasting off in a rocket ship to live there means he has his own unique paradise.

Some say he died due to the stress of rehearsing for his gigs and downing plenty of painkillers. But this is Michael Jackson we?re talking about. Anything he does has to be crazy and off the wall!

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PM quits, blames Prez for creating parallel power center

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal announced his resignation Monday, blaming President Dr Ram Baran Yadav for creating a parallel power center against the popularly elected government. “There is an urgent need for ending the dual regime created through unconstitutional measures,” he said in his televised address to the nation Monday afternoon. “The whole country needs to be united against such a move." He said he is stepping down to end this uncomfortable situation and create a conducive atmosphere for safeguarding endangered democracy, nationalism and peace process. The prime minister attributed the failure of his government to non-cooperation of the ruling coalition partners and conspiracy hatched by opposition parties and foreign forces.

Dahal said the united moves of a number of political parties and forces against democracy and peace process has become grave concerns of safety of the country’s nascent democracy and peace process. “The genuine democratic parties have a time to pay special attention toward the fact that some of the political forces prepared grounds for the unconstitutional move of the president by spreading rumor about Maoists’ plan to capture state powers. “The move taken by the president under provocation of some political parties is unconstitutional and undemocratic,” he said. “The interim constitution has not given right to the president to act independently without recommendation of the cabinet.” “There is no power to the constitutional president to become a parallel force,” he said. “Whoever has provoked the first elected president of the republican Nepal to do such unconstitutional meddling on the issue of establishing civilian supremacy is a blatant attack on democracy, he said. The prime minister said there are conspiracies being hatched against the achievements gained after a long struggle and sacrifices. He said his party bagged clear majority in the direct election and became the largest party in the proportional representative system in the Constituent Assembly elections. “But our party was barred from leading the government for four months,” said Dahal.

.He blamed the CPN-UML, without naming it, for creating obstacles from inside the government itself. He said the people were denied immediate relief because of the hurdles from inside and outside of the government. He said the government was cornered by various quarters of the society to stop it from implementing people´s agenda. He said he was forced to accept the blames for being indecisive. Giving references of 1960 and 2001 coups, he said there were still chances of action from reactionary elements. He also accused the president of breaching his constitutional limitations. He said some political parties provoked the president to create his position as a parallel power center. He blamed the UML for first giving consent to the government to take action against the army chief and later backtracking from its own support to the government "for suspicious reasons". He also urged the people to be aware of ongoing foreign meddling in Nepal´s internal affairs. He said the government will not bow down before the foreigners to rise to power. The outgoing prime minister said he has arrived at a conclusion to quit the office for safeguarding democracy and nationalism.



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Action against Katawal certain: Dr Bhattarai


Finance Minister and senior leader of the ruling Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Dr Baburam Bhattarai has reiterated that the government will for certain take action against Nepal Army (NA) chief General Rookmangud Katawal for flouting civilian supremacy.


Addressing a mass meeting organized on the occasion of International Labor Day at Tundikhel Friday, Dr Bhattarai warned President Dr Ram Baran Yadav against intervening in the government´s move to take action against the army chief.


“You (president) should remain cautious. Otherwise you will meet the fate as former king Gyanendra,” he warned.


He said his party will revolt through the government, parliament and the streets if the president tries to misinterpret his ceremonial position and obstruct the government´s move.


Stating that the Maoists do not mistrust the entire Nepal army as an institution, he said, “The army has performed commendable work like building roads in remote areas.”


Dr Bhattarai, during the program, levelled heavy criticism against the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist), a major partner in the current coalition government.


“UML always loves to stand between right and wrong, good and bad and dark and light,” he said, adding, “But my third gender UML friends, clarify your gender.”


He charged that the UML always points out problems but fails to provide any solution.


He claimed that his party will go ahead alone in sacking the army chief even if the UML doesn´t extend its support.

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