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Tips to Fall in Love

Falling in love according to many people is an involuntary experience. But even to experience this experience you need a few things up your sleeve to make it work! Some of the things which could help you realize this experience are:
Be Yourself

Half the battle's won if you follow this! One could say that this is the primary requirement to experience love. No matter what masquerade you put it won't help you in the long run. The sooner you be your real self the better for you, for it is that trait which an individual would look for to fall in love.

"Being you" is what usually gets a women's attention initially anyway so don't forget that. It is things such as natural conversation, coincidences etc. which help people find them their partners. And natural conversations won't be possible if you are not your true self. The things we like about are partners can often be traced to incidents or conversations when we first met them.
A well defined agenda

Knowing your purpose behind getting into a relationship would not only be the "key" to your success but must also be "evident" to her. Chances of a positive response would be heightened if the opposite person gets a clear picture of your intentions. And in the process he /she could give their heart to you! Your agenda must be clear and with no games or "hidden agenda". You must be an individual with a plan once you are sure about the compatibility aspect!

There are several ways to go about a plan such as
You could invite the person to functions with co-workers and relatives. When you introduce your partner to people who are close or important to you, you would induce a sense of inclusion and belonging.
You could get her some gifts are in some stuff in jewellery. If you spend your hard earned money on something you picked out for him/her because of admiration, then the partner might accept it without a fight!
Engage into conversation that develops the emotional quotient gradually
Clear communication
The foundation to any relationship is a clear cut communication. And this heightened in the case of love for even the smallest of misunderstandings can cause ripples in people's life.
You need to pay heed to the right moments to initiate a conversation or a feedback to ascertain the finer aspects which would help you graduate to the next level. Remember, to keep a balance and pick your battles well, because losing your identity in her completely will allow her to walk all over you and she wont respect that either.

Show play your cards carefully and also be explicit at the same time for it is through conversations as these that you could decide on the future of   your relationship.    

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